Inspection Services

Our Services
Our knowledgeable staff have years of experience inspecting products for a wide range of contaminant detection and non-destructive testing projects.

All of our in-house projects utilize detailed product tracking spreadsheets that are customized for each inspection. These spreadsheets can provide a valuable resource for pinpointing the time frame where a manufacturing failure occurred.

In addition to this data, an inspection summary is provided upon completion of the project which details the quantity of product inspected, the number of rejected pieces, the project duration and total cost. Our inspection projects are fully customizable to provide you with the data you require. Give us a call and one of our team members will discuss the inspection solution that is right for you!

X-ray Inspection
With an increasing awareness of food safety and the implementation of governmental initiatives such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Accu-ray has become a premier product inspection resource to many of the largest Food manufacturers in the world.

Accu-ray utilizes X-ray technology for the inspection of products for the detection of quality defects. These may include, contaminants, missing or miss-packaged products. Although we specialize in the food industry, we have the ability to develop solutions for all types "Quality Hold" situations. Accu-ray has the technology, processes and experience to realize successful projects over a wide variety of customer needs. Our processes and quality programs are third-party audited and our 15,000 square foot climate controlled facility is USDA certified.

Whether your concern is missing, damaged, or contaminated product, you can be assured that no other company is capable of replicating the level of service that Accu-ray has developed over the years.

Inspection Process
Before beginning any inspection project, the goals and scope of the project are determined to satisfy your quality requirements. Our Product Recovery experts will work with you to match our inspection capabilities with your quality objectives.

Once the inspection parameters have been defined, your product is shipped to our USDA certified warehouse where the inspection will take place. Our experienced staff and detailed procedures will ensure that all objectionable products isolated and quarantined. Upon completion of your project, an inspection summary will be provided and product tracking sheets will also be made available.

Whether you are experiencing a product hold situation due to foreign material contamination or require a non-destructive method to quality assurance, let Accu-ray find the solution that is right for you!